Meet the Team

Our Doctors

Dr Janie Anderson (f)

GMC: 4294382

Working Days: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays

Dr Becca Chapman (f)

GMC: 7446583

On Maternity Leave

Dr Jennie Claydon (f)

GMC: 6167994

Working Days: Wednesdays, Fridays

Dr Safia Tariq (f)

GMC: 6162610

Working Days: Wednesdays, Thursdays

Dr Hayley Haworth (f)

GMC: 6160393

Working Days: Mondays, Wednesdays

Dr Annika Patel (f)

GMC: 6167836

Working Days: Thursdays, Fridays

Dr Himanshu Patel (m)

GMC: 6051395

Working Days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays

Dr Kate Woods (f)

GMC: 7080317

Working Days: Tuesdays, Fridays

Dr Bernard Agyei (m)

GMC: 7447166

Working Days: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

Dr Cristina Ibánescu-Dima (f) International GP Scheme

Working Days: Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays

Dr Clare Agnew  (f)
GP Registrar

GMC: 7560889

Working Days: Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays

Dr Nabiha Saqib (f)

GMC: 7481187

Working Days: Monday, Tuesdays, Thursdays

Dr Hali Yacouba (f)
GP Registrar

GMC: 7506182

Working Days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

Dr Um-Ul Banin (f)

GP Registrar

Working Days: Tuesday (pm), Wednesdays (am), Fridays

Our Nursing Team

Our nursing team see patients for booked appointments for a wide range of health matters and play an important part in the health promotion and disease prevention work we do.

Sharon Temple
Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Managing Nurse

Ann Hannan
Practice Nurse

Claire O’Riordan
Practice Nurse

Anita Woodrow
Practice Nurse

Gill Avery
Practice Nurse

Sue Carrington
Practice Nurse

Jack West

Healthcare assistants support the practice with their daily work and carry out tasks such as phlebotomy (drawing blood), blood pressure measurement and new patient checks. They may act as a chaperone when a patient or doctor requests one.

Jenny Packham
Healthcare Assistant

Halyna Papworth
Healthcare Assistant

Grainne Skinner
Healthcare Assistant

Rosemary Sparks
Healthcare Assistant

Jackie Barnard

Our Practice Team

Administration Team

Rachel Smith

Practice Manager

Tom George

Deputy Practice Manager

Complaints Manager

Our reception and administrative team provide the first point of contact that you will have with the practice, whether you call in or contact us using our website. They support the clinical team and are able to answer many of the queries you may have.

The dispensary team are responsible for handling patient’s medication and ensure you are able to order medication quickly and efficiently.

Our Attached Team

Social & Health

The Spinney Surgery benefits from a variety of staff who focus on the social and health wellbeing of patients:

The practice utilises Social Prescribing Link Workers who help to support our patients who may be lonely or isolated; have complex social needs or are coping with long-term conditions or mental health conditions. Your GP can refer you for support with one of the Social Prescribing Link Workers during a consultation.

Carolyn Parkin

Health and Wellbeing Coach (HWBC)

Kajal Karki
Health and Wellbeing Coach (HWBC)

Emma Young
Social Prescribing Link Worker (SPLW)

We also benefit from having Clinical Pharmacists who are qualified and trained members of our extended team that work alongside our GPs. Our pharmacists are able to help patients in a range of ways such as carrying out structured medication reviews for patients with ongoing health problems and improving patient safety, outcomes and value through a person-centred approach. 

Harkeerat Singh


Ahmad Tanwir

Adam Mahmood

We also have 2 First contact practitioners (FCPs) that support our GPs. A FCP is a physiotherapist who is professionally qualified to treat patients without a referral from a GP or other healthcare professional. The role of an FCP is to work within our surgery and offer physiotherapy appointments for patients with MSK conditions.

Punyaja Jani